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Waiting Period Has Over To Ride A BMW “Mini Cooper”


After seeing the heading, it is definite everyone may think is it possible or gossip? But it is true; the BMW India manufacturer has decided to launch the mini cooper S with the price tag of Rs. 34.65 lakh only. Before the few months, the manufacturer had launched the 2015 cooper D3 door and 5-Door. But it is intangible for the middle-class society. Now the unfulfilled wish may fulfill due to the 3-Door cooper S. The UK based manufacturer declares that the car with three doors is go-faster version of the mini cooper series. Along with this, The Mini convertible and Mini countryman are also now available in India. The new amazing car has imported to India as a CBU model (completely Built unit).

Composition or Engine part

Now the time is to observe the engine facility and its performance. The brand new and the dream car model has controlled by a 2.0 liter, along with it have four cylinders, twin turbo engine with 192 bhp of power also 280 Nm of torque. Just imagine the engine has the really super power. The gearing is taking only with a 6-speed automatic box, with the automatic option. The car also has equipped with a marvelous system that is an automatic stop and start system .One of the exciting factor is the actualization figures, as you would not imagine that the car is disposed in 6.7 seconds at 0-100 km/h is disposed with top speed rated like very nicely 233 km/h. The main part is fuel consumption  because fuel is really costly now days. The Fuel consumption of this car is rated at 18.2 km/l by ARAI. It is true it may vary basis on your driving, driving speed and kilometers of drive.

The car’s 16-inch wheel has made up with 195/55 rubber, and the brand new car is famous for its powerful and compact handling. Before days with the previous gen car had not gifted to the consumer the pleasant attitude on rough roads. It was the painful experience. Due to the manufacturing perfection, hope this new BMW Mini Cooper S will gift the smooth driving.


After the engine part, just look at the get-up or exterior of the car

The boot size is 211 liters which are 51 liters more than the earlier model, and if necessitated the small nurture seats can be folded and helps to increase the boot size and convert to 731 liters. The wheelbase is 3,821 mm long, 1,414 mm high, 1,727 mm wide with 2,495 mm. This new car is extended than 98mm than the previous along with it is wider 44mm also higher than 7mm. One of the interest things is the wheelbase of this faster car  is 28 mm longer and  delivering the more space at the inside that nostalgic styled with quality cabin.

There is twin exhausts have paired together also have inbuilt the two fog lights wraps. The car headlights have been fabricated as a small cut, which are available with full-LED. The side indicators and the refresh graphics has introduced the refresh and cool get up than the previous model.

Interior decoration

The car is available with 6.5 inch display and the8.8 inches wide screen option. There is an amazing fact that is the car helps to connect you to use facebook along with the other apps. It has sound navigation system with LED headlamps and front display. On the other hand, the car has equipped with passenger air bags, 3 point seat belts with the dynamic stability control, the sensor of crash and anti-lock braking system.


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