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Non –Woven Bag Printing Machine – Making Eco-Friendly Bags Look Appealing And Attractive

In the past decade, there has been a significant rise in the awareness about the use of non-environment friendly products. The governments, NGO’s and even individuals across the globe are working tirelessly to help people realize the disastrous effects of environmental degradation. As a result, there has been a tremendous increase in the demand for nature friendly products. One of the most important products belonging to this category are the non-woven bags, which ensure a tremendous reduction in the use of paper and plastic bags and hence play a vital role in environmental conversation.


Non woven bags are quite unlike plastic bags and hence making a design or a pattern look vivid and lively on them is not that easy. Most non-woven bags are made from spun bonded polypropylene although they often resemble bags made from textile fabric. These bags are made from specially engineered fabric which has a limited life and is intended for only single use. As such bags made from this fabric are easily degradable after exposure to sun, rain and water for only a few days, making them quite opposite to plastic which takes more than 450 years to degrade biologically. Moreover, these bags are better in quality and handling but also cost quite less as compared to other eco-friendly bags.

To ensure widespread use of these bags, their manufactures try to make them look attractive by printing designs and patterns on their outsides. This is done with the help of non-woven bag printing machines, which are specially designed to print single or multicolored designs and patterns on non-woven bags. However, it is important to understand that there are different machines might be needed for printing single color, and multicolor designs, besides which there are also separate machines for printing on double sides of the bags.

Most non-woven bag printing machines are generally compact and designed to provide best value for money by high speed effective printing to maintain both quality and the level of production. Depending on the type of printing and design, these machines might have ink and water rollers as well as spaces to accommodate pictures which are to be printed on the bags. Many manufactures provide the additional feature of making these machines capable of printing on paper bags as well, which can prove quite beneficial for entrepreneurs making both non-woven and paper bags as they would not have to use two separate machines.

Many major brands and organizations get non-woven bag printing machines to create their own bags with having company logo and other such details. This helps them in obtaining a highly effective and inexpensive marketing tool which can help them reach out to a greater number of target audiences without using other expensive means of advertising and marketing.

The growing demand for effective non-woven bag printing machines is increasing by the day has helped in creating hope amongst people that someday, the use of plastic and other non-eco-friendly bags and products would cease completely and give a new life to the earth’s environment.

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