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Why We Should Look Towards Renewable Energy?

There is no doubting, the actions we take now are going to decide the duration our planet lives on for. We are at a crossroads and it is looking more likely we will pass the point of no return before long. The earth is dying, yes I understand many of you can grasp the fact that it is thousands of years in the future, it is more of a principle thing.

Our actions now will determine the framework from which future generations are going to be born into. If that is a culture of wastage and disrespect for the planet then the date of departure is only going to continue increasing. We are so technologically and socially advanced now that it just seems so counter-productive to abuse the very planet that helps us facilitate the great growth and enrichment we have experience in the last few decades.

This article will highlight why renewable energy is the way forward and it will also suggest simple and free ways that you can help to increase the lifespan of our planet.

Rural Renewable Energy Alliance Solar Furnace InstallationDon’t be Wasteful

It really isn’t difficult to not be wasteful, just don’t do it. Think of all the times you bin that food after you have finished with your meal, or when you leave the tap running as you brush your teeth. Everything counts towards the damage we are causing to our planet and so much of the damage is down to pure laziness.

We live in a world where everything is so easy and everyone takes what we have for granted. There are places out there that have no running water or electricity and then you have us, the selfish generation.

We use so much electricity and that is partly due to technological advancement however so many of us leave plug sockets on and our devices on standby.

All of these things have a negative effect, we are slowly slaughtering our own planet and it is something that needs to be addressed before it gets too serious.

A Global Issue

It is a global issue and it needs to be tackled that way. Why don’t governments invest a little money in something that isn’t the economy and that isn’t war, you might get a better response from the public. If there is a global focus on protection and prevention then the chance of success is much higher.

There are so many companies out there that have revolutionary concepts such as ETFE panels from Vector Foiltec. We just need to research and look for renewable energy sources, if as a planet we are hoping for a credible solution we are going to have to invest time and capital.


We are going to have to invest some money in our planet as renewable energy is undeniably expensive. There are many different forms of it but it is so dependent on climate that the reliability just isn’t there. Governments are going to have to do some research and invest some money in the latest pioneering technology, why not take a risk now and then for the benefit of the planet

About the Author :

Andrew is an author with a love for the environment. He graduated from a London university with a degree in geography and this fuelled his care for the planet.

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