Plastic Recycling Technology without Using Water
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Plastic Recycling Technology without Using Water

There are plenty of ways that you can recycle your old plastic goods without using a single drop of water. A startup company in Mexico called Ak Inovex has come up with a new method, which doesn’t use any water at all and only takes half as much energy as the earlier process. It creates the plastic pellets that are the same, if not better, quality as those created using water.

When you recycle your plastic it can be made into a large variety of different goods such as printing filaments for a 3D printer, clothes made of polyester and diesel. However, the traditional method of recycling plastic calls for plenty of water that is used to wash the plastic and get rid of any foreign objects and then cooled again after being dehydrated.

The new method that has been developed merely uses specially designed walls that are used to mold these pellets into the desired shape and cool them at the same time. The traditional method requires a lot of energy because of the 180º temperature required to dehydrate the plastic. Not only does this new recycling method work on plastic, but it can also be used on ABS, polystyrene and styrofoam, which is about 90% of the plastics in the world.

This is one of the many companies that have been focusing on going green in an effort to help protect the environment. They are also looking at how to recycle other required items and to create a washing machine that can wash the plastics with a special detergent instead of lye.

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