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3 Types of Barcode Scanners Used in Today’s Time

Barcode ScannerThe uses & applications of barcode scanners in today’s modern world are quite immense. Presently, there are three basic types of barcode scanners, namely, fixed, portable batch and portable wireless. However, under these three categories, you can find numerous varieties and designs. One needs to know that, barcode scanners can be operated under the rugged and harsh condition, or they can simply be used for general purposes, for operations under normal conditions.

Let us look at the differences between these three primary varieties of barcode scanners which would help you decide the correct scanner for your desired application.

Fixed Barcode Scanners

These barcode scanners remain attached to a particular terminal and work to transmit data once the barcode is scanned. One such example of fixed barcode scanner is the Symbol LS9208. These scanners prove perfect for tasks which only require the transmission of one data item at a particular time. Moreover, the IntermecScanPlus 1800 barcode scanner is another example which is quite efficient.

It is also a fixed scanner, but the user has an option to fix it in a desk/vertical holder or can also use it as a hand-held scanner. You might have seen such scanners used at retail store checkouts.

Portable Barcode Scanners

Portable batch scanners work to store data in memory for future transfer to a host computer. Keep a note that, this variety is battery operated, which allows more flexibility as compared to a fixed scanner. Portable batch scanners possess an LCD monitor and, keypad, which permits the user to perform tasks wirelessly. Also, batch scanners are also available in wearable, hand-held and truck mounted styles.

One such example is the hand-held Symbol P460 Rugged Barcode Scanner which consists of memory capabilities. Portable barcode scanner price is not too expensive and can be easily bought online.

Wireless Barcode Scanners

Similar to batch scanners, this variety of wireless barcode scanners also conserves data in memory. However, wireless barcode scanners transmit data to the computer in a real-time mode. It can be seen that many wireless barcode scanners are equipped with other features which include text-messaging, basic data and voice support etc, all of which are offered via wireless LAN.

Example- CA50 VOIP-enabled Wireless Barcode Scanner by Symbol. These wireless scanners assist employees to gain the highest level of productivity with instant access to all data.

Final Say

Barcode scanners are helpful for employees to ease down the management task in a precise manner. The three types mentioned above are popular all across the globe and find their usage in numerous commercial sectors.


The usage & application of barcode scanners need to be understood by the user. This is a great way to help you pick the suitable type for your preferred task. You can check the prices online for different barcode scanners in order to gain a rough idea.


Need to learn about barcode scanners? Analyze the above article to gain details about the three primary varieties along with their examples. Make sure to always check the barcode scanner price before making a purchase.

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