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Solar Power Project – An Emerging Sector


Solar power can be defined as the result obtained by converting sunlight into electricity. It can be either done directly with the help of photovoltaics or indirectly with the help of concentrated solar power. The solar installations in the concentrated solar systems make use of lenses or mirror and Tracking Systems for focusing on a wide area of sun’s rays into a tiny beam. Photovoltaics help in the conversion of light into electricity by employing the photo electric effect.


Solar Power in India

India has a dense population and also has a very high amount of solar installations. Solar installations are ideal combinations for the use of solar power in India. India is a world leader in the generation of wind power. In the sector of solar energy, a good number of reputed projects are being proposed. As large as thirty five thousand kilometers of area of the Thar has been designated totally to the projects of solar energy. This can generate 700 GW to 2,000 GW of electricity. The Ministry of new and renewable energy of India has also released the phase 2 draft policy of JNNSM.

In 2009, India chalked out a plan worth US $ 19 Billion for producing 20 GW Solar energy by the end of 2020. This plan implies the utilization of the solar energy equipments as well as applications would be made compulsory. It would be compulsory in all Government run buildings, hospitals, hotels, etc.

As per the report of 2011 which was released by the Bridge to India and the GTM research, India s witnessing a storm of the factors which would drive the Solar Photovoltaic adoption at a very fast pace in the coming 5 years and even beyond that. The decreasing price of the panels of PV mainly from Chinese has collided with the increasing price of Grid energy in India. The Government assistance and adequate solar power resources have proved to be helpful in increasing adoption of solar installations. India, being a Growing economy and having a population outburst is having a severe dearth for electricity. Electricity need in India is between 12 to 15 percent every day. Thus, India is thinking of installing one of the world’s largest solar power plants which would have the capacity of 5000 MW.

List of Solar Power Stations

There are a number of solar installations stations but some of the most powerful ones have been listed below:

Solar Energy Generating System in USA which has a capacity of 354 MW

Solana Generating Station USA having a capacity of 280 MW

Solaben Solar Power Station Spain which has a capacity of 200 MW

Ivanpah Solar Power Facility in California has a capacity of 392 MW

Private Solar Power Project Developers

The private sola power projects developers in India are losing their interest in solar energy due to the tough competition from companies which jumped into this sector just for the sake of redeeming the tax related incentives. Almost 4/5th of bids being placed for the tenders by Government run agencies for setting up solar projects have come from the companies which invest just for the sake of saving tax.

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