There are a number of different types of fans with each type having its own specific area of application. For an application to be successful and, work as intended, the fan and the system should be compliant with both, the structure and, the performance point-of-view.

In this article, we will try to highlight the applications of several generic fans and, crucial considerations regarding the fan, type and ventilation abilities, and rating parameters. If you are planning to buy fans, this information might help simplify your fan selection process.

Buy fans according to their ratings


Efficiency is a significant aspect bearing in mind the relatively high cost of energy. The operating point on the fan curve should be considered when controls are to be used to curb the fan over an extensive flow range. Various controls must be assessed for efficiency and, their influence upon fan effectiveness at lower flow proportions.


Fans generate sound as a by-product of handling air. Sound can be diminished by using the correct fan type, picking the operating point near peak efficiency and, using a bigger fan at a slower speed. Location of the fan is crucial in some applications and, should not be located near sensitive office areas, conference rooms, etc.

Single or Parallel Operation

There are a number of reasons for using multiple fans in a single system. They may be in series or parallel and, one fan will have an impact upon the other fans in control or start-ups or shutdowns. Stability is very crucial and, the operating point location on the fan curve must be assessed during all changes.

Buy Fans according to their ventilation abilities

Attic ventilation fan:

This is a propeller fan that circulates attic air, in order to eliminate hot air and, draw in cooler air from outside.

Bathroom fan

Bathroom fan can be deemed as a type of ventilation fan, it exhausts moist air and, odours to the outside.

Cabinet Fans

A cabinet fan is mounted inside a cabinet, which is then used in a ducted application.

Central (whole) house fan

Central house fan or, more popularly ceiling fan, exhausts air to an attic, while drawing in fresh, cooler air through windows of a house.

Moreover, another noteworthy aspect that should not be missed is the number of fans that you intend to buy. A house would anyways require a number of different kinds of fans, starting from bathroom exhaust fans to a couple of ceiling fans, moreover, pedestal and wall mount fans are also needed for compact areas.

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