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Things to keep in mind when dealing with Hand Tools

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While hand tools offer a number of advantages, their incorrect usage poses a profound danger of an uncalled for injury. If misgoverned, they can not only hurt the user, but also those, who are working in the close vicinity. In addition, misuse can damage hand tools beyond repair, reducing their efficiency to a significant extent, resulting in an enhanced risk of accidents.

In order to keep these hazards at bay, and to ensure the security of life and, equipment, it is of great importance that these hand tools be used, with great caution. Mentioned below are some safety tips-

Correct Usage

Every hand tool is designed and, developed to perform specific tasks. For instance, cutting pliers are designed to cut wires without stashing in much effort. Using one to steer a nail into a wall, will not only disfigure the cutting pliers, but also keep the nail from getting securely affixed to the wall.

In addition, locking pliers are an important addition to your toolbox, as they offer an exceptionally firm grip over an object. However, some people tend to double them up as a screwdriver that hampers the gripping ability of the pliers, reducing its ergonomics. They would simply not work as screwdrivers.

Every hand tool is specifically designed to carry out tasks, best suited to its intended applications, stretching the abilities of hand tools, will not yield optimum results, on contrary, it might impose risks of getting hurt.

Therefore, instead of remorsing about your actions, adopt a pragmatic approach and, try to use hand tools, within the bounds of their intended usage, or buy hand tools that suit your diverse requirements.


The hand tools must be of top-notch quality, in order to help you ensure that they do not slip, or even break amidst the task. It is recommended to buy hand tools, only after gathering sufficient knowledge of the materials used to manufacture them. The best quality hand tools will minimize effort and, maximize safety.


If intensive usage of hand tools is something upon your mind, then do recognize that like power tools and, other mechanical tools, hand tools also require periodic maintenance, in order to preserve their efficiency.

If you are confused, as of what should be done in order to maintain your hand tools, do not worry, we’ll help you out. Regular cleaning, tightening, oiling and sharpening of hand tools is what a basic maintenance of hand tools requires, however, depending upon your usage, you can even opt for a change of functional parts.

In conclusion, we hope we were able to establish relevant knowledge regarding the proper usage of hand tools. If you are planning to buy hand tools, do check out Moglix, a one-stop-destination for all your Industrial equipment requirements.

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