The car lovers are always careful about the maintenance and wellbeing of their cars and you must be aware of the fact that if you are caring towards your car it will serve you diligently for a longer time to come. However, it’s equally important to consider if your car nature friendly or not. The ‘Go Green’ concept is catching up fast in apparently every aspect of modern life as more people are trying to conserve energy and reduce pollution as well.

This definitely doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice the luxury element while buying your car. There are luxury cars that are highly eco-friendly at the same time.

i) AUDI A3


Audi A3 with a praise worthy miles/gallon of 21 within the city and almost 30 while on highway, definitely manages to feature as a leading vehicle within the green car genre. The best part, being its reasonable pricing, starting at $27,270, despite the impressive level of cool features that this car boasts of. Packed with a mp3 audio player, CD player and a strong 4 litre engine, this car is undoubtedly an affordable deal for the eco-friendly buyers who don’t want to compromise on the performance features. The engine simply gives a blasting effect of 60 mph within just 7 seconds of starting.

ii) Lexus CT 200h


Lexus CT 200h is another elitist car that allows you to speed up or maintain a lower speed parameter by saving more fuel. Starting at $29,120, this car’s fuel rating on an average is 42 mpg, making it the most fuel efficient car.

iii) BMW 128i


BMW 128i with a starting amount of $31,200 is considered to be among the leading names in the league of fuel economic cars, giving a rate of 18 mpg on city roads and 28 mpg in highways. Featuring a robust 6 cylinder and 3 liter engine, top performance is definitely the strongest factor in this car. Being the only vehicle with a rear wheel drive feature in its genre, BMW 128i, showcases a aerodynamic Air Curtain element in terms of designing. Giving a power packed performance with its hefty engine of 230  horsepower and 6 speed manual transmission, windshield washer jets and powerful music system integration, this car is undoubtedly a treasure for the roadies who love to take to the roads every now and then.

iv) Acura TSX


The Acura TSX, coming with a warranty of 50, 000 miles in 4 years, quotes a starting price of $30,000. Highly fuel economic, this car boasts of 2.4 liter engine that’s armed with four cylinders. This car also maintains a high accord in achieving the standard safety norms. Despite being a compact vehicle this model is quite spacious for an average sized group of commuters.

v) Lincoln MKZ


Lastly, Lincoln MKZ is the perfect representation of luxury and nature efficient service. With a really impressive mpg of 41 within the city limits and 36 in the highway, this car is a real dream come true, priced at $33,888 for the real time luxury vehicle connoisseurs. Offering a very comfortable ride, this car is the ideal one for the posture perfectionists.

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