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Welcome Bluesmart the First Ever Digital Suitcase Packed with a World of Smart Features

Smart Suitcase

Featuring a usual price range of $50,000, Bluesmart Digital Suitcase, finally ended up drawing much more than the usual estimated amount. Packed with an exclusive range of features and functionalities, this is one of a kind suitcase that boasts of Bluetooth connectivity for locking and unlocking purposes.

So, locking this suitcase is something you can do with your very own smartphone and the moment your suitcase is running the risk of being opened forcefully, you get informed by your smartphone at the very first place. What’s more, now you don’t even have to worry about searching your suitcase even if it goes missing. You have the Bluesmart technology to take care to trace its location.


Still not excited? Here comes the big story. This suitcase comes with a very powerful battery that’s good enough to revive two devices at a time. In short you can charge your smartphone approximately six times and more.

Want to know more exciting facts about this exclusively designed and crafted piece of technological prowess? This digital suitcase is full of exciting news for the gadget geeks.

Want to know if your luggage in the suitcase meets the weight criteria for different airlines? You thought of the right idea. This suitcase with its inbuilt digital scale, keeps you updated about the weight specifications for particular airlines you are traveling with.

With a unique customized app, communicating with your android or smartphone is made easier. If you are a keen observer, then you will surely realize that this app based suitcase is clearly pitched to reflect the numerous drawbacks and loopholes inherent in the tourism industry currently.


The inadequacy and inability of the tourism industry to meet different needs of the tech-savvy clients and tourists, have in fact, aggravated the demand for this exclusive technological innovation.

Having a weight of approximately 8.5 lbs and sized at 21.5” x 14” x 9”, this suitcase is amazingly lighter than its other variations and contemporaries. Using 3 layers of polycarbonate lightweight aluminium that’s anodized as well. This digital wonder is further fitted with waterproof zippers coupled with polyurethane cover to make it more utilitarian and sturdy at the same time.

This digitally sophisticated suitcase is purely designed and crafted to revolutionize the way you travel and make your life much easier than you could have imagined even 5 years back. With GPS tracking facilities and the innovative proximity alarms, the creators of this suitcase have simply eliminated the possibilities of losing luggage.

Watch the video of Bluesmart – The World’s First Smart Connected Carry-on Suitcase

The creators have definitely taken a huge risk for creating this product as they have plunged a huge stake for designing and making this product. The storage space in the front is good enough for keeping your laptops and other electronic devices. This suitcase has a usual capacity of 34 litres. This suitcase is any tech-savvy travelers dream accessory and a must have carrier at the same time.


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