Looking at the brief history of screwdrivers
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Looking at the brief history of screwdrivers

Tiny sized tools such as screwdrivers are probably among the most common tools that are required for both your household and professional purposes. These tools are available in a wide variety of sizes ranging from a micro-sized jeweler’s screwdriver to a large tester screwdriver. The invention of screwdriver seems to revolve around a late 15th century in either Germany or France. Earlier this tool was named as turnscrew or screw-turner. Screwdrivers that were introduced early were available with pear-shaped wooden handles and were also specifically designed for slotted screws. Screws were usable in 15th century for construction of screw-cutting lathes, to secure breastplates, helmets, and backplates on medieval jousting armor. Screwdrivers got developed overtime as later there were notable changes in screws with their evolution.

Socket head screwdriver

The much widely used socket-head screws are the developments of P.L. Robertson, Canada, the brainchild behind this concept. He found these useful devices in 1908 and later these were commercialized as well. These gained popularities rapidly and later grew in popularity. These remain to be the favorite of mechanics worldwide for their resistance features and hex key compatibility and their ability to stop power tool while they’re set. Unfortunately, Robertson wasn’t agreeing to renounce screwdriver patents and as an outcome, it was difficult for him to establish his market into new industries of all sorts. Nowadays people buy screwdrivers online of this type of complex mechanical works.

Philips screw

Meanwhile, an American, Henry F Philips, got patents for his new and improved version of the screwdriver, which is currently known as the Philips screw. This is a version of the deep socket with cruciform (set up in a cross) that later became, and till now remains to be the renowned screw of the world. The main attraction of such screw was that typical slotted screwdrivers online wouldn’t get used to these.

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Torx Screws

Torx, the type or trademark of screw head that gets identified with a unique pattern of a six-point star, was the invention of Camcar Textron in 1967. This screwdriver worked with the dependence of scar screwdriver. Most commonly these screws are used on automobiles, bicycle brake systems, motorcycles, consumer electronics, hard disk drives, etc. Firstly, these were used in applications, that would require tamper-resistance as screwdrivers and drive systems weren’t readily available. You can buy screwdrivers online of these types if you’re working on complicated applications.

Other screwdrivers

There are a lot of types of screws and consequently, different types of screwdrivers are available nowadays. The slotted, Philips and Robertson screwdrivers would remain as the most renowned ones. The tasks that one can handle with the help of this screwdriver range from tiny household repair tasks to heavy and complicated construction projects, the requirement of a fine set of screwdrivers online is evident. Only to have a single type of screwdriver would seem convenient sometimes but the different types of wood and metal screws available would make it next to impossible. If a screwdriver isn’t of the correct type and size for the tool that is being used, it would be more likely that the screw would catch damage in the process of loosening or tighten it.

Screwdrivers can be bought individually or can be purchased in sets as well. Your toolbox or the tool drawer must have at least a couple of slotted or flat screwdrivers in addition to a little cordless screwdriver available with different bits as these would be ideal tools that you can consider as well.

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