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iBall is all set to launch New Android Phones

Android Phone

iBall is one of the top companies in the mobile world and it brings innovative sets for the users frequently. It has got the reputation to be at the top of the market with its best enabled sets and here is another new approach to the market, which is ideal for all the photographers. The set is having detachable camera and it comes with different lenses, to assure the best experience of photography. The high end set is going to be launched in the market soon, with all its high end features. You can get the smart phone for you within the next month.

High end camera

Android sets are always focused in their camera properties. Several high end sets came to the market with front and rear cameras that are of high megapixel. Some of them are so high ended that they are having camera of 8 to 10 megapixel. This set has got no limit, since you can fix the mobile lens as you wish on the phone. Thus if you like photography and like to get the best still images on the tours, this one is the best set that you can have. The perfect lens and features of the set are going to provide the best photographic experience along with the other smart phone features.

Battery backup

The battery of the set has been made especially strong to support your photographic hobby. You might have gone to the distant places for the photography and there you need to have charge in your smart phone. Thus this set has been designed to provide you the best enabled features with the high configuration and perfect battery backup. The different lenses are available with the device and you can have your own from the market too. The lens that comes with the set is perfect for the amateurs. So if you are a professional photographer, then get your own lenses to experience the high pixel images on your smart phone.

Extensive features

The price of the device is best for the photographers. If you have the hobby to collect high end still images, then you must have this set as the price of the set is much lower compared to the different cameras that are available in the market. The battery backup and the other features also come with the set and thus it is better to have this set than to have a professional camera. The android device is having all other features including the updated android OS. The soft touch and the geo sensor settings in the phone will help you to use the smart phone and will also help you to get the best support in your photography too. Most importantly, you will get the set at an astonishing price. You can order the grand new set at the online stores or can get them at the showrooms at the best price. Experience the best camera features, that comes with the set, for the first time and feel the difference.

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