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Google about to introduce two new Nexus phones this year

Nexus Android Phone

Rumours are going around that Google may reveal two Nexus telephones this year. Made by LG, one new Nexus telephone codenamed the LG Angler would offer a 5.2-inch screen, by Police. The other telephone, produced by Chinese seller Huawei and given a code name of Bullhead, would purportedly don a 5.7-inch show. Google is accepted to be taking a shot at two new cell phones to be discharged for this present year. The cell phones named Angler and Bullhead will be made by Huawei and LG, individually.

It’s been around seven months since the landing of the Nexus 6 and Nexus 9, so finally consumers get to hear a few gossipy titbits about cutting edge Nexus gadgets. As per Android Police, Google will discharge two new Nexus telephones in 2015 instead of a telephone and a tablet, a first for the search giant. Thus enthusiasts of Google Inc’s Nexus line of Android-controlled cell phones are about to get happy; they have been baffled by the absence of new gadgets since Nexus 6. It would appear that the long hold up is at last over, as today we heard solid gossipy titbits that Google may be dispatching two unique Nexus gadgets in 2015. Android Police, a site with a decent reputation on Android breaks, has affirmed on Tuesday that two new Nexus cell phones are coming in the not so distant future.

With this information it is for the first time that Google has discharged two Nexus telephones in one year. By giving every telephone an alternate screen size, Google may be attempting to draw off the same deed as Apple – offer one telephone with a “generally” littler screen and another with a bigger more phablet-sized showcase to catch as wide a crowd of people as could be expected under the circumstances. The present Nexus 6 additionally is a monster of a phablet with a 6-inch screen. So Google may be hoping to psychologist the screen size to make the current year’s gadgets more available to the normal purchaser.

The LG Bullhead will brandish a 5.2-inch presentation and a battery limit in the scope of 2,700 mAh. LG additionally wants to incorporate a Snapdragon 808 processor in the Bullhead, which is the same hexa-center chip that the organization utilized as a part of the LG G4. Notwithstanding, the battery limit and the processor of the supposed cell phone are still under audit by the handset producer. The LG Bullhead may turn into the successor of the Nexus 6, or the 2015 Nexus 5. The Korean maker beforehand constructed the Nexus 4 and Nexus 5.

Bits of gossip propose that the theorized Huawei Angler will be a greater Nexus gadget and will incorporate a 5.7-inch show. A Snapdragon 810 processor may control this handset; be that as it may, this may change close to the genuine arrival of the cell phone. The Huawei Nexus is accepted to have a greater battery size of 3,500 mAh, which is marginally greater than the 3,220 mAh battery of the current Nexus 6.

The cost of the forthcoming Nexus cell phones stays obscure. Nexus 6 was costly in examination to past Nexus handsets. The Nexus 5, made by LG and discharged in October 2013, was very shabby. The 16GB rendition of the Nexus was accessible for $349 and the 32GB model of the telephone was sold at $399. Nexus cell phones typically pull in numerous clients. With two new models on offer, Google may pull in significantly more clients and empower the organization to snatch a greater lump of the cell phone market.

Like before, the new Nexus cell phones ought to be accessible by October expecting there are no unforeseen postponements. It additionally seems like the Nexus 9 will be Google’s leader tablet for another cycle. The data we have on this is from only a couple of weeks prior in April, and says no Nexus tablet is underway. That makes it improbable we’ll see one this time around. The Nexus 6 was a break from the past for the Nexus program with its high sticker and gigantic size; however it was most likely a crisis substitution after the breakdown of Android Silver.

Google generally dispatches only one leader cell phone every year, which has made numerous cell phone fans gripe about the absence of decision for new Nexus cell phones. Notwithstanding, this year may be a touch diverse as the organization is relied upon to dispatch two new handsets in a year interestingly. Google’s yearly two-day I/O designer meeting commences Thursday in San Francisco, where the organization will probably uncover insights about the following variant of Android, which any new Nexus gadgets will likely run.

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