Multimeter OnlineA multimeter is a measuring device that is used to measure current, voltage and resistance. These are highly feasible and easy to use devices to buy multimeter you can either approach an offline or an online store. Since online marketing is trending these days at a higher rate and there are several beneficial reasons to get multimeter online.

Online marketing avails you with a number of benefits such as gift cards, discount on first purchase followed by several discounts on your next purchase. Saving you petrol costs as they also offer free shipping that is the e-commerce would not charge any shipping costs.

A multimeter can measure a variety of quantities few of them are:

  •    Alternating and Direct Voltage in volts.
  •    Alternating and direct Current in ampere
  •    A multimeter can also measure Resistance in Ohms, resistances are denoted as r.
  •    Several multimeters can also measure Capacitance in farad, the symbol of Capacitance is C and its S I unit is Farad.
  •    A multimeter can also measure Inductance in Henry, the S I unit of Inductance is Henry, denoted as H.
  •    There are several multimeters that can measure temperature in Celsius or Kelvin.
  •    There are several multimeters that also measures sound in Decibels (dB).
  •    Few multimeter measures Conductance in Siemens. Siemens is the SI unit of conductance.
  •    There are several multimeters that can measure frequency since the SI unit of frequency is hertz so they measure frequency in hertz denoted as Hz.
  •    Many multimeters also come with the feature of measuring duty cycle as the percentage.
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