Thanks to Honda that soon you will be able to ride your Bulldog, Confused? No, no need to be confused or shocked as we are talking about Bikes and not your Pet Dog. Recently, Honda has displayed yet another utilitarian-looking idea model called the Bulldog at the 2015 Osaka Motorcycle Show. Based on a 399cc parallel-Twin, the Bulldog was made because of the subject “Lovable Touring Partner”. For average of tourers, and bike riders a two wheeler is outfitted with those features suitable for outdoors visiting. The Bulldog has been created as a recreation cruiser for clients to visit outdoors and effectively appreciating the open air life.

Honda has uncovered its most recent tackle recreation motorcycling with the Bulldog idea. The bike’s association with the canine breed isn’t constrained just to the name, as Honda is showcasing the Bulldog as an ‘Adorable Touring Partner’. With its wide, 15-inch bumpy wheels, defensive bars and freight mounting focuses, Honda imagines the Bulldog as a suitable outdoors visiting machine equipped for crossing in urban and country regions.


The Bulldog idea is similar to the creature it is named after, a marginally hindered mammoth bike and the first thing you can say in regards to it at first look is that it is clearly identifiable. The Bulldog’s snarl originates from a fluid cooled 4-stroke 400cc straight-twin heart, mated to a six-rate transmission. Hurrying around on 15-inch paws, the riding roost sits at a little 730mm. The front of the Bulldog idea may deceive you into trusting you that it is really a Honda Ruckus, however, not at all like the 50cc bike. The front gets twin round headlamps which are secured by a blue accident watchman, giving it a vigorous look.

The light blue bars behind the traveler seat or more the front lamp look equipped for conveying some payload yet in the event that more baggage room is required, the sides of the fuel tank really open up to uncover extra stockpiling space.Other gimmicks incorporate a low 27.7-inch seat tallness, a six-rate transmission, rectangular turn signs and a high side-mounted fumes.


Honda bicycles have demonstrated the ever best bikes evry time it has offered one to the users. Judging and assessment of every last one of vehicles is rely on upon a far reaching arrangement of diverse components including configuration, building, force execution, productivity, discharges, and worth. Today Honda Two Wheelers are focuses on the all business portions and well fulfilling the needs of purchasers. Considered as Legend, Honda is the world’s renowned and biggest make in bike industry and their bikes are noted for speed, vitality, and astounding looks. Keeping this tradition alive, the new baby, Bulldog which is still a presentation model or a concept idea model, in the block is also assumed to become popular amongst users all over the world with its performance. Experts believe that if Bulldog comes out the way it has promised to be then there is a possibility of having a good number of buyers for it.

Source : BikeIndia

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