Caterpillar Equipments

Caterpillar Equipment are used everywhere ranging from roads, sea or underground. With thousands of machines customized for specific works, be it mining, road building or any major construction it is unimaginable without Caterpillar Equipments.

The distribution and the support systems are amazing and incomparable. All caterpillar equipments are  durable and reliable. The sustainable progress of Caterpillar equipment are well evident from the fact that the sales revenue sums up to $42.588 billions in 2010.

The equipments includes Road Reclaimers, Skid Steer Loaders, Skidders, Telehandlers, Track Loaders, Track-Type Tractors, Tunnel Boring Machines, Underground Mining, Wheel Dozers, Wheel Excavators, just to name a few.

The information of all Caterpillar equipments are easily available online. It also offers affordable alternative to new equipments through Cat-Certified Used Equipments.

For customer services and support, Cat-dealers are distributed worldwide. From analyzing problems and repairs to providing spare parts, Cat-dealers network are un-match.

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