With the advent of Green machine sweepers, sweeping outdoor environment is never a challenge.Its performance is exceptional. These High Speed Air Sweepers are highly versatile and easy to control. It is mainly effective in sweeping sidewalks and other pedestrian spaces. Theses machines are so easily control that they can effortlessly move in and around any object like benches, parked vehicles and trees.

It is a two seater, powered by 48V, separately excited 4.0 KW motor. The steering and suspension are of aluminium welded construction. The ground clearance is 170 mm and the wheel base is 3420 mm. Its speed ranges between 25-30 mph.
Green Machine Sweeper can be used almost anywhere, sidewalks, plazas, curb-lines, alleys, airport concourses, parking lots, residential neighborhoods, trails, parking garages, downtown districts, children’s play areas. it is hard to think of an outdoor sweeping problem that Green Machine Sweepers can’t handle.

These machines are environmental friendly. It use Kudoba diesel engines, which reduce its fuel consumption, and also is known for its quietness. It can cover maximum area in just a few hours and has the capacity to compress the waste to 1/3rd its original volume.
The Speedy and Safe Choice, Green Machine Sweepers are quicker, quieter and more efficient.

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