Almost every home is prone to electricity fluctuations and people are likely to get their device malfunctioned without providing adequate protection to their devices. Using the right protective measures like installing a stabilizer in your home prevents such happenings in the first place and you get assured protection for all your devices. With top of the line voltage stabilizers online from V Guard, all your home appliances such as televisions, air conditioners, fridge, computers, and many other devices get assured protection due to stoppage of electric current fluctuations in the first place. No fluctuations mean zero damage to your appliances.

Importance of electricity stabilizers online

Regardless of the number of appliances, nowadays an electronic voltage stabilizer is a necessity in all houses and offices. V Guard has been the prominent trader of voltage stabilizers and with its distinct range of products in different segments it is also involved in production of different products like battery, digital UPS, domestic pumps, electric water heaters, agricultural pumps, industrial cables, distribution boards, fans and mixer grinders, industrial motors, switchgears, induction cook tops, etc.

V Guard has a wide range of stabilizers for different home and office appliances. A few basic features that you get with most stabilizer models are inbuilt thermal overload protection, voltage cut-off protection, ABS cabinet, wall mounted cabinet design (for ACs), fail safe circuit protection and smart time display. All voltage stabilizers from the company are available online and offline in a wide range of designs and colors. All these devices are long lasting and durable.

Buy Stabilizers for devices with heavy electricity loads

V Guard packs protection for almost every house appliance and it also has stabilizers that stop voltage fluctuations for devices pulling heavy loads. Devices such as air conditioners can be protected with stabilizers from V Guard with their timeless performance and upscale features such as:

  1. Avoid any start up issues – At the event of low voltage fluctuations your air conditioner compressor might face some start-up issues. This therefore affects the overall performance of your air conditioner. Using high quality stabilizers online with higher voltage stabilizer price increases the voltage supply during low voltage conditions and makes the compressor run which makes your AC work seamlessly.
  1. Uninterrupted performance in case of fluctuations – In most regions of India fluctuating power supply is a common issue. Facing sudden drop or increase in voltage more than a significant range leads to havoc for your Air Conditioner.

Having a reliable Voltage stabilizer such as V-Guard helps your AC in getting optimum output using bucking and boosting feature and through turn-on-delay technology.

  1. Avoid consumption of high power during low voltage supply – In case the voltage supply falls at the time of AC operations, it would most likely require more power from your air conditioner to function in its full cooling capacity. Whereas having a reliable stabilizer installed would eliminate any spike in power consumption as the stabilizer automatically scales the voltage for providing stable supply of power to your air conditioners.
  1. Make your Ac work longer – Your air conditioner can be sensitive to a few factors such as voltage fluctuations and such events can bear a negative impact on your other appliances as well. Thus, it would be imperative to have optimum supply of voltage for your AC. With a good quality V guard voltage stabilizer all fluctuation related possibilities get mitigated and you get relived with a longer life for your electronic appliances.


With all the benefits of voltage stabilizers you can easily buy stabilizersrelying on their features to handle fluctuations well while getting away from harm’s way. Whether you’ve got a huge commercial space or a residential one, V guard voltage stabilizers can safeguard all electrical devices that fall within the safe range.

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