Whether you are getting started, or have been involved with woodworking since quite a while, it is important to maintain a good collection of stationary woodworking power tools. However, the selection should totally depend on what type of projects you are working on. Here are the top 5 stationary tools which should be a part of your shop.

1. Table SawMoglix

One must always remember that a table saw is regarded as the heart of most woodworking shops. It can be used for ripping, crosscutting, as well as for different types of joinery. However, there are different types of table saws which are available in the market which should be bought after careful analysis.

2. Router TableMachinesReview.com

A router table is considered as a versatile tool which is necessary for various woodworking tasks. It is perfectly used for making joints, profile edges and create doors. Moreover, the router can be removed and used as a hand-held device. Also, remember that a router table is a sensible investment for your shop which shouldn’t be skipped.

3. Planer

Power Tools

Planers are basically used to clean up rough sawn stock and develop the material to a suitable & exact thickness. Moreover, the planer also guarantees that each piece, which you put in the machinery, comes out with the exact same thickness. A planer is a go-to machine for acquiring thick stock, making it quite efficient.

4. JointerMachinesReview.com

A jointer works to make the edges of your material straight, smooth and square. In addition to correcting the edges of your stock, you can also work to straighten faces, which is called as face jointing. Similar to edges, you will be able to get faces which are nice and smooth.

5. Band SawPower Tools

It is important to note that, band saws are different from circular saws. The big blades are quite suitable for cutting fireplace logs into a suitable shape for different uses in woodworking. Also, the band saw is a great way to tear tenons. It is an extremely versatile tool which should be present in your armory.

Final Say

Woodworking is a skill which doesn’t come easy. One must be well aware of the different power tools which would come handy for performing various tasks. These stationery woodworking power tools must be possessed from the famous manufacturers for staying content and satisfied.


From table saws, band saws to router tables, all of these stationery power tools will act as your weapon of creativity to make different woodworks. Go through each of the above-mentioned tools and check their prices online to get a decent idea.


Are you in search for satisfactory stationery woodworking power tools? The above article proves as a helpful insight if you are new to the field of woodworking. Apart from portable power tools such as cordless drills, jointers, planers and band saws must be available in your store in order to ease down your work and offer marvelous results, which can be appreciated by the audience around you.


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