Agricultural InventionsThere is no doubt that farming is the main backbone of all civilizations in the world. Whether you live in East or West, you always need it. However, early men had to struggle a lot in order to grab success in the farming. But thanks to modern technology, it has become possible to make things easier than ever before. It is innovative technology that has changed the face of farming throughout the world. Now, there is no need of animals, slaves and other people to work in farms. Now, machines have replaced everything. The work done by machines is of great quality. Here, you will know about top 10 agricultural inventions that changed the face of farming. So, let’s keep reading it.

1 – Cotton Gin

Cotton is considered as the most important thing when it comes to making human life more comfortable and easier than ever before. There was a time when a single man had to work a day to produce only 5 pounds of cotton by hand. But now with the advent of the cotton gin, the production has touched the enormous height. A cotton gin can produce about 1000 pounds of cotton.

2 – Binder/Reaper

It is another great invention in the arena of farming. There was a time when small grains were harvested by human hands. But with the advent of this innovative machine, it has become possible to get the entire grain harvesting job done by machines. It has become quite easy to harvest grains using this innovative farming machine.

3 – Thresher Machine

When it comes to separating the straw from thegrains, people found it a tough task to accomplish. But thanks to modern technology that has made a process easier than ever before. With the help of thresher machine, it has become quite easy to make the process swifter, easier and more comfortable than ever before. Now, there is no need of lots of people to get this specific farming job done.

4 – Steam Engine

There was a time when farmers had to work in farm houses using different types of usual methods such as animal and human labor. But with the advent of the steam engine, the situation has completely changed. It is certainly a great invention when it comes to running cotton gin and other machines to make farming easier than ever before.

5 – Traveling Harvester Thresher

A Traveling or combined harvester-thresher is another striking invention in the world of farming. It is simply used to cut and thoroughly threshed grains. The innovative mechanism of this machine helps farmers accomplishing different types of tasks effortlessly.

6 – Auto Truck 

When you cut and threshed grains, you need to move them from one location to another one. This is the point where an auto truck comes into play.

7 – Gasoline Tractor

Since steam engine required lots of water, coal and other stuff to be run, it was difficult to bear the expenses. Thus, the invention of gasoline tractor has made the process more comfortable.

8 – Tractor for General Purpose

When tractor for a general purpose was introduced to the world, it has thoroughly changed the face of farming.

9 – Rubber Tires

It is a fact that without the use of rubber tires, no machines could be as much productive as they are. Therefore, the invention of rubber tires is also considered a revolutionary thing in the farming industry.

10 – Tractor Mechanical Lift

It is another great invention in the arena of farming that makes the farming an effortless task to accomplish.


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