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A mechanic who does not have much experience in doing electrical work will need the most efficient tools for doing automotive repair work and a tool box that is handy. Always use popular brand of tools that are of premium quality and are guaranteed for a lifetime. The size that suits the metric system of application is the best choice that can be made while buying tools. There are three common sizes of ratchets namely ¼’’, 3/8’’ and ½’’ that are utilized widely. The first kits that can be started are available in all the three said sizes. Sockets are also available in three sizes. They have both short and long lengths. The metric system of application is the best choice when it comes to the selection of the sizes. The mechanics will require flat and Phillips head screw drivers which have a range of lengths and gauges. Let us have a look at the different types of screw drivers.

• Screw drivers are the ideal tools to be possessed by a person in a tool box that are short and are also ideal to be utilized in lesser spaces and for taking out the sensors.
• The screw drivers which have a normal length can be utilized for general reasons.
• The screw drivers which are lean and long are liable to be broken but they are the most helpful type of screw drivers which comes handy every time.
• People use a few number of regular pliers like needle nose and Vise Grips. Vise grips aid the people for the placing of hoods or trunks in a safe place where hydraulic rods have failed to do the same work. Long and short sized needle nose also serve the purpose of many repairs.
• A good hammer is really helpful to put a knock on any item that is stuck. Ball Pein hammer is ideal for any working on brakes and also utilized for general hammering purposes.
• A breaker bar is very much essential for loosening tough bolts.
• A Jack that is automotive is very much needed in taking the wheels off or under the car. The jack stands are used simultaneously with a jack to give support to the car.
All the above-mentioned tools are helpful to technicians doing electrical work without much experience and they also require a tool box to be kept with them for storing the said tools. If you are in search of a good box for your tools then make your search online. Some of the leading online stores are having the best collection of such boxes which you can find at an affordable price.

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