Industrial Sewing machines are made with high quality metals so that they can withstand heavy usage and can last longer than normal household machines. They have different needle positions and arm designs and are categorized according to them into three types such as Flat bed machines, Cylinder machines and Post bed machines.

Top five Industrial Sewing Machines :

  1. Brother BAS-760 Electronic Pocket Setter Sewing SystemIndustrial Sewing Machines   This is a complete automatic system that can stitch more than 2000 pockets within 8 hour production. This is ideal for stitching jackets, jeans, overalls and other garments that needs heavy duty stitches. Though this has an advanced mechanism with high-tech features, this can be used as a simple machine.
  1. Juki DU-1181 Industrial Top and Bottom Feed Sewing Machine with Servo Motor Industrial Sewing Machines This is an excellent machine for people who do continuous sewing. This is a commercial flatbed machine that can complete 2000 locked stitches per one minute. It is easy to stitch multi-layered materials. The Servo motor has 100V capacity and remains quiet even while it stitches heavily. There is an automatic lubing system which improves its life span.
  1. Husqvarna Viking Designer Diamond Sewing Machine Industrial Sewing Machines Among the computerized sewing machines with high-tech features, this Husqvarna model acts as the leader. The series of machines in this type can handle all sorts of sewing works and this particular model of Designer Diamond is ideal for sewing embroidery outfits. It comes with a large touch screen. This is helpful for interactive purpose. Embroidery designs can be reduced, moved, modified and combined along with exact positioning. 3D realism and true colors can be easily introduced.
  1. Ptaff 3371-10/01 Electronic Lockstitch Button SewerIndustrial Sewing Machines  This sewing machine from Pfatt Company is ideal for button stitching. They can be used to create buttons from one to four hole pattern.   Even without stems they are able to attach buttons. There is a graphic control panel called S3 offers new and old stitch patterns with its simple programming feature. It can manage 99 programs for different stitch patterns.
  1. Singer 321D-241M-24 High Speed 3-4 Thread Industrial Overlock Serger Singer 321D-241M-24 SergerWith Singer 321D-241M-24 Serger, professionals can stitch faster and thereby produce a heavy turnover at the end. They can produce finished seams. They are so fast that production can be made five times more than the ordinary domestic machines. Multiple layers can be stitched due to the heavy duty motor and differential feed.
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