Solar Power is the permanent solution for all power problems on earth. It is the safest natural power which is freely available in abundance. Petrol and electricity are being costly and becoming less in nature, there is no other way than to use the free solar energy for all power consumptions of man. Research activities are being carried on in scientific laboratories for long years and many solar based products have come up in market recently. People living in tropical countries have started to utilize solar power for their power consumption. However, due to lack of knowledge and investment people are not using this properly.

Let us concentrate on 10 best solar powered products in the world :

  1. Moser lamps Solar Powered Alfred Moser from Brazil invented a simple lamp, which is nothing but a plastic bottle full with water and bleach. After installed in the roof they just produce 40 to 60 watts renewable light.
  2. Solar tents Solar Powered The companies Kaleidoscope and Orange has teamed up and came up with Orange Solar tent to features photovoltaic cells which generates power in the day time and illuminates the tent in the night along with supplying extra power to charge other items.
  3. Solar Cars Solar Power Ford Solar C-Max has roof top solar panels with solar concentrator lens which will focus on the solar power like a magnifying glass.
  4. Solar Charger  Solar PowerThis petal shaped charger is from the Solio Company. It has multiple panels so that number of devices can be charged at a time. Normal USB charging cable can be connected. This charger is so powerful that it can hold power for one year period.
  5. Solar backpacks Solar Power Thin solar module films are attached to the outer side of these backpacks which can produce power around 4 watts. Even while walking under the sun, people can charge their tablets, cameras and phones.
  6. Bike Locks Solar Powered Skylock Company has come up with a futuristic bike lock which has a built-in solar panel. With just one hour charging, they can work for one week. Since these locks use Bluetooth technology, users can operate these locks using their smart-phones.
  7. Solar Charging Kit Solar Power This solar charging kit can produce 60 watts of renewable solar power.
  8. Solar Flash Light Solar Power This solar flash light from Dynamo Company has water proof for 16 feet with 3 Bright LED lights.
  9. Hybrid Solar Cooker Solar Power Sun BD Corporation produces Portable Hybrid Solar Cooker in an affordable price. This has four cooking pans and an oven mitt. This cooker can produce up to 300 degrees and can be interchanged with electric power.
  10. LED Accent Light Set  LED Accent Light Set This is a set of 8 pack lights powered by solar and hence this do not have any wire setups. As they absorb sun power, they automatically light up.

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