Audi has been a reputed brand of cars and it has marketed well in India in the past.The car is having a great design and a perfect looks too. The most important thing about the car is the extended design of the car and the perfect features that make the car a top one in the Indian market. Rumors are coming up for the new car that it has been designed especially for the Indian roads.


Price and comfort

The car is having a great model and in terms of comfort you will have to compromise with none. The car is having a roof open facility and is also equipped with a cruise control. The car is having a perfect price too for a luxurious drive on the Indian roads. You can get the car with 28 to 27 lacs. You can also opt to go for an EMI. You can get a three years loan with near about 1.15 lakhs on each month. If you are planning to go for a luxurious drive, this one is the best for you and your family. The price of the car has been compared with the similar models of different brands and it revealed that you are getting the car at a cheaper rate.

Safety and economy

The car is a perfect one in consideration to the economy. It will give a mileage of 15kmph on the Indian roads. This is not a promise, but a challenge from the management on the car’s performance. Most importantly, the safety feature is perfect in the car. The car is having front rear casing and it is equipped with suspending air bags. The discs are attached at all the four wheels and thus it is going to provide a perfect experience in the long drive.

Choose the right model

The car is having three models that are already launched in the market with three diesel variants. The price of the model is fixed at 27.8 l and you can book the car in the company site right now. The earlier three models are having a perfect market reputation and thus it is expected that this one will definitely meet the desire of the drivers and the car owners. It is a car that is much expected from the car owners and they are eagerly waiting for the new car. The on road price of the car will be little bit more, but the features that were there in the earlier models have been attached here too.

Thus get the best car for your family this year from the famous brand, Audi.

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