You must be planning to get the best car for you and for your family. There are many things to be covered there. Most important part of understanding is the mileage of the car. Here is the list of the top cars that has been recorded as the best mileage provider in India this year. All these cars are family cars and are available in affordable price. Thus get through them and select the best car for yourself. The cars are ranked as the best five cars of this year that plies on the Indian road and are having the best record to provide the best mileage.

  1. Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire
Maruti Suzuki

This is right now the largest selling car in the country. The performance of the car is a high one and that is why it is liked by most of the car owners in the nation. The car provides a top mileage of around 26 and a half kilometer in every liter of diesel. The car is thus the best one in respect to the rising cost of the diesel. This is the top car that consumes the least amount of diesel and thus is at the top among all the cars.

  1. Maruti Suzuki Ciaz

This is a perfect car for the family and it is also having a two great aspect, the performance and the mileage. The diesel consumption is less here too. The consumption of diesel for this car is near about 26.3 kilometers for every liter of diesel and thus is a top car in the nation. All these cars are family cars and they are owned by the people of middle income group and for them the mileage is a big factor.

  1. Honda City

This one is again one top car that is renowned and sold in the nation. The car is having some great internal and external features and the mileage of the car is near about 26 kilometers in a mile. Thus this is a high end car that is sold most in this nation. The car is a high performing one too and the maintenance cost of the car is also less. Thus this is a much preferred car in the nation.

  1. Honda Amaze

This is a high end car and is a good family car too. This car is owned mostly y the higher middle income people of the nation and is a liked version among the Honda cars too. The mileage that this car provides is also bets for the Indian roads. The highest mileage that the car produces is 25.8 kilometer for every liter of diesel and thus is in the fourth position among the other cars.

  1. Chevrolet Beat

This is again a top car and they are preferred more by the business owners. The car is a hardy one and is best for the business owners. The car is having unique features and that made the car a top one in the market. It provides a mileage to the users to around 25.4 kilometers for each liter.


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