Mukesh Ambani

Mukesh Ambani– the icon of the present world makes it all impressive in order to make it perfect for his family. The new van owned by Mukesh Ambani is going to hit the roads of Mumbai very soon. The best vanity van owned by the Mukesh Ambani, he has to make a payment of about Dutch made fully fire proof car with all the latest amenities and the facilities that stun the audience all the more. The cost of the approximately spent money in it is quite perfect. The entire car is truly bomb proof, so that he can save the family from the sudden attack if it unfortunately happens.

The latest technology that took 1.82 crore to register

The registration for the car took about 1.82 crore fully loaded with the latest technology and the amenities. This was the nominal charge from the ROI.

The overview of the car has about the awesome facilities as well as the amenities that charge the best technology within the car. Till date this is his best and the most perfect car to suit his personality with the bullet proof and all expensive amenities to mark the  model one of the best in the world of automobiles.

Mukesh Ambani

Facilities like the separate furnished bedroom, with the best responsibilities so that he can take in his home with him while travelling. The awesome pictures of the latest model of the car make it perfect for the family to rest in cozy atmosphere although away from all odds outside.
This is basically the car that will make you feel that you are not away from your home.  The entire car is AC furnished that cools the van within 22 seconds. There are cozy beds, well maintained washroom with antibiotic regulations.

Mukesh Ambani

The best security in the car

The security within the car is just to the power infinity with the intact requirement that is armored by the BMW Germany. The importing duty makes it all the more dashing and modern among the latest discovery in the recent times. In India, there is no other invention like this car in the present history of new cars. Just imagine how amazing the ride would be when he will be taking a long drive with his family and kids.

According to the reports!

According to the media reports, it has been one of the owning the world’s most expensive residential property. The registration of 1.82 crore has been the highest taxation event of the year with the Ambanis themselves. This is the latest way which has set the highest record of the car paid registration above all with the registration car. The import duty on this car is up to 300% that makes it a perfect price for the car. This has been the costliest car ever owned by Mukesh Ambani, who is now one of the top rated entrepreneurs of the fast moving industry.

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