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Collecting the RSS feeds has been an older practice after the involvement of podcasts. Some of the popular sites acted on them to collect the best music files from the web. Now it is the android devices that are collecting the best podcasts and creating a gallery for you. Podcast is the version for subscribing the audio or video feeds of a site. That might be a music or entertainment site, or can be a news or educational site. You can get the best audio and video feeds without any surfing and manual downloading. Just search the sites and subscribe to them using your podcast. The video files and the audio versions will be downloaded automatically, while you are using the Wi-Fi connection. The feature is going to be easier with the new Boyocast app that has been introduced in the market. The app has promised to provide the best podcasting features to the users, once it gets released. It will be released in the market in July of this year.

Access all data on the web

Many of the apps, before this date, have been available in the market that can download the podcasts. All those apps are the side-by podcast collectors to the music folders. This app is dedicated for the podcasting only and thus there will be no restriction of the app on the web. There will be no specialization of the app while accessing different websites for collection of podcasts. You can get through all the podcasts that are available in the market with the help of this app. There is option to customize the downloading, through data connection or through Wi-Fi. Thus you can easily restrict your data usage by selecting the Wi-Fi mode download.

Perfect audio-visual rendering

The gallery of this app is extensive and you can use them, just like you handle the music folders of yours. You can get them in playlist or can arrange them according to download date or in alphabetical order. If you are a fan of the podcasts, this one is thus a must have app for you. The stereo sound version and the high end video casting features in the app are perfect to view the downloaded files, and you can get to all the sites on the web to find the best podcasting blogs for you.

Release of the app in market

The app will be marketed in the play store and in the other app markets within July of this year. The app is a must have one and you can get it free. The free version of the app is ad-free too and thus is best for you to collect the podcasts. The app is a small one, by size and thus will not take much space on your phone or tablet. You can opt out the option of collect cache to release the memory, after its use. This has been the best app for getting the podcasts, till date and thus if you are a fan of podcasts, just keep an eye on the markets to get the app as soon as it gets released.

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