H2O or water is the ultimate factor of the ecosystem in this beautiful world. The living elements (like- the microorganisms to human beings) may be lost their life without this chemical component or water. Due to the pollution, global warming and other reasons have affected the water ratios. The result is fresh water has lost their liveliness. So, declining rate of fresh water is the main problem of the world at this moment.

We know every problem has a solution, so the salvation is desalination of water from the sea water or other. It is very interesting and the techniques are river osmosis, vacuum distillation, low -temperature thermal desalination etc. But it is too problematic and orthodox concept, because of; it is time taking, expensive, also it demands to consume much more energy. Besides, these techniques are liable to contamination.

This technical era is also trying to give us the new and better way to solve our problems. Therefore, the researchers from the University of Texas at Austin and the University of Marburg in Germany have invented a tiny electrical water chip, which can separate the fresh water from the seawater or others.

Description of the water chip

This breakthrough technology for desalination brings the new revolution in living theory. The researchers are demanding that, by the appealing tiny a small voltage can operate this contemporary technology. The plastic chip of three volts (water chip) may contain a micro channel also with 2 branches. In this way, the junction or ion depletion zone of this channel the electrodes may neutralize the chemical reagents like chloride ions of the sea water and it will create the local electrical field to the rest of the channel. The change of the electric field helps for redirecting the salts into one branch and permit to fresh desalination water pass through the other end. This simple and conventional method of water desalination may help to protest the freshwater scarcity problem.

After this marvelous invention, Richard crooks of the University of Texas at Austin says “The availability of water for drinking and crop irrigation is one of the most basic requirements for maintaining and improving human health,” 

Along with Kyle Knust (graduate student and co- author of this research paper) stated that the neutralize reaction at the electrodes helps for removing the salts from the sea water. After the invention statistics shows that the researchers have made the desalination 25% of water. But the requirement for drinking water is 99% desalination. After getting this data, the researchers said that though the goal is 99%, but they can achieve the goal very easily.

The inventors assume that the new research method may be solved the problem of water- stressed regions, where the lacking of fresh water and mass of the people have dependent on seawater resource. Therefore, they mentioned that anybody can now purify their own water at home by the small electrical device which needs the small amount of voltage.

Hope, at the coming days we can see, this electrical water chip can assist to erase the desert face from the world map.

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