Suzuki enters the premium 150cc cruiser fragment with the new Suzuki Gixxer 155. Experience Suzuki’s leader new 155 cc bike which is stuffed with style and execution!


Suzuki Motorcycle India Private Limited has been in the nation for some time now, yet despite the fact that it may have an extensive variety of bikes spread crosswise over different portions – from 125cc bikes to 1,000+cc road scorchers and force cruisers, its cruisers haven’t generally been the standard decision for Indian shoppers. At any rate not in the way the organization would need them to be. Anyhow there’s another Suzuki around the local area now, and it guarantees to unsettle a few plumes in the premium 150cc bike fragment.

Suzuki dispatched their new 155cc cruiser the Gixxer, on September 9 after it was initially disclosed in the year 2014. Suzuki has advanced the Gixxer as a road game bicycle focusing on it at the adolescent in India.

This is a commendable city-based energetic 155cc bicycle, with unique configuration and advantageous refinement. Evaluated forcefully at Rs 72,199 it undercuts the vast majority of its rival by about Rs 3,000, including the Yamaha FZ arrangement, which the new Suzuki Gixxer decisively goes for.

GIXXER is India’s first Street Sport bicycle which accompanies a capable 155cc motor controlled by front line SEP innovation, unmatched gimmicks, novel styling and a body grew by the specialists who outlined the unbelievable GSX-R arrangement for extraordinary riding execution.

The Suzuki GIXXER is an energetic cruiser with useful excellence consolidating restless styling and execution with an elating and lively ride. The GIXXER is a machine that Suzuki’s architects have tuned to deliver expansive low-end torque and element mid-reach power for solid speeding up and energetic taking care of. Stacked with energizing – supplies, power, taking care of and trusted Suzuki quality, the GIXXER is going to be a welcome ride.

The looks of the bike is roused by the fanciful GSX-R games bicycle and the bicycle obtains numerous qualities from this senior kin. For instance the styling of the end jar of the fumes is like the GSX-R which likewise gets double depletes. The bicycle gloats of a headlamp with swimsuit fairing and gets an advanced speedometer. The tank has been decently etched supplementing the bulky exposed look and is equipped for holding 12 litters of fuel.

The tank is intensely etched, and leaves all that could possibly be needed space for your hands and knees when alternating, while the new 155cc motor sits really, mounted on the single downtube edge. Those Y-molded 3-spoke composites give the bicycle an adult sports bike look. The single-piece seat gives the rider and pillion sufficient space to conform themselves for an agreeable long-separation ride. The Gixxer is an exceptionally flawless looking cruiser, with a clue of energy to it. The sweptback headlamp, with that little fairing that sits on it, looks appealing and loaded with goal. It houses a conservative, all-computerized instrument group that is filled to the overflow with data – like a speedometer, odometer, two excursion meters, in-apparatus pointer and fuel level meter – much like the greater GSX-R1000.

It’s a road bicycle, so the Suzuki Gixxer gets a savvy triangular fog light with a swimming outfit fairing. The decently etched side boards convey a stylish matt dark and metallic gold mix. The Gixxer is being accessible in five intriguing hues – Metallic Triton Blue, Candy Antares Red, Pearl Mirage White, and Glass Sparkle Black & Metallic Oort Gray.

The new Suzuki Gixxer has been particularly intended for India and its neighbouring areas with the emphasis being on styling, fuel effectiveness and financially savvy creation. Also the bicycle scores in essentially all these viewpoints. The Suzuki Gixxer is delightfully hitting with sharp character lines. The vast majority of these lines additionally have a reason, which makes the configuration twice as pleasant.

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