Going by all recent reports, it seems that Google is about to launch a hands free feature that will let you listen to all your notifications as launched first in Moto X. This hands free feature can be found in the voice settings option but this can only be activated after a further update of Lollipop and Nexus devices.

However, when activated it will prove to be a truly convenient feature where users need not stop their current tasks to read any kind of notifications. All they need to do is ask something like “what’s up” and the handset feature will read out all the latest notifications you have received.

Google is planning to update a number of Nexus devices with the Android 5.0 lollipop. There are reports that Nexus 5, 6,7,8,9, and 10 are the lucky devices getting the update but there seems to be no indication of the same happening to Nexus 4 although it is safe to assume that it won’t be too long before this device and the Nexus 7 3G/LTE also joins the bandwagon. The reasons is that spoken notifications does not require any DSP or digital signal processing that is seen in the newer devices.

There has also been an updating of the Android search app of Google which has resulted in the nexus devices and a few other Android devices having the “Always on Voice recognition Feature”.

Some other Great Features of Android 5.0 Lollipop

  • Great design: The look is bolder visually and the touch screen functions will feel more fluid.
  • More Freedom of Use: Lock screen does not need to be unlocked for tasks like dismissing any notifications etc. Now, you can even choose the notification that can get through as well as the time at which it is permissible
  • Flashlight: this is a real handy feature in Quick Settings
  • Share the device: There are many times when a friend or someone close wants to borrow your phone but you may be a little apprehensive about your privacy; now the update allows you to limit the use of an application by another user or you may also opt for the guest mode
  • Battery Saver: This is different as it allows you to know how much time you have on your battery even when it is being charged. There are also other features that make it convenient for you to extend battery life by killing certain background applications or operations.

What is surprising is that Google has sold Motorola to Lenovo but there is no change in timely release of updates.

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