When you have a car that may be more than just a few years past its prime, you may start off each year wondering if you can get just another 12 months out of Ol’ Faithful. There will come a time, though, that you will have to let your old clunker go and head over to a Los Angeles car dealership to buy a new car. Knowing when you need to get a new car will save you the hassle of waiting until you literally drive your current vehicle until the wheels fall off, and you are left with no car at all. It is better to proactively start your car search before your car bites the dust so that you can try and get some money for a trade-in or to avoid being left without a mode of transportation. Here are some signs that now is your time to buy a new car.

Your Car Needs Major, Expensive Repairs

It is generally understood that over the course of your vehicle’s life that you will need to replace parts and that things will break and get old. When your car is new, maintenance may be something you barely even notice financially due to your car’s warranty. However, after your warranty expires and your car gets older, the worn out parts and needed maintenance will really start to add up. Lending Tree explains that there will come a point that your car will need some repairs that will add up to an amount that will really not be justified. If you go to your mechanic and are told you are going to have to replace the transmission for the second time, you may want to consider whether the cost of making this kind of repair would be justified on how much time it would buy you with your car.

The Cost at the Pump

It is not just the cost of repairs that you should consider, but also how much you are spending when you go to the gas pump. The Wall Street Journal explains that trading up for a new car can mean a significant savings—in the realm of $700 per year—in gas alone. Newer cars are manufactured to be more gas efficient in general, but you can save even more money by going with an even more efficient vehicle such as a hybrid. Even if your car doesn’t have any major repairs that currently need to be made, you could be spending a small fortune each time you go to gas up if you are driving an older, inefficient car.

Even though buying a new car is an investment, you need to consider the larger picture. It doesn’t matter if you car dealership is located in Los Angeles or New York, just remember that you will be saving yourself a ton of cash in the long run by getting rid of your old high-maintenance car.

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