Energy in the UK is changing and there is going to be an increased focus on renewable energy sources as the years go on. We live in a world that is filled with energy wasters, hardly anyone takes note of how much they use and paying the bills at the end of each month isn’t a problem.

The problem with renewable energy is the cost of it, people just seem to think it is too expensive and the results just aren’t that great. In all honesty I can see the issues people have with it but I also think the planet is worth more than money. There are so many different companies out there that have renewable energy converters that it is just sad that so little investment is made by governments and big business.

Realistically this is the only way things are going to change, people only listen when the advice comes from the very top. This article will highlight the benefits of renewable energy.


Lots of It

Renewable energyreally needs to be taken more seriously because of the fact there is so much of it available.

Fundamentally the sun isn’t going to stop shining (or burning) and the wind isn’t going to stop blowing, so what is the problem? Governments are constantly moaning about the fact that we are using too much coal, oil and gas and that they are going to run out one day, yet does nothing at all to push the renewable sources that can help prevent the damage we are causing from escalating.

It just seems very hypocritical. I mean it is all good and well spending money taking our countries into war yet we can’t invest money in something that will greatly benefit the country and also help change the global mindset of waste, waste, waste


It is efficient, it just needs to be extracted correctly. There are many companies out there such as Vector Foiltec and many others that offer a brilliant service that can dramatically reduce the amount of money companies spend on energy. I think this is the area we need to focus our attention in regards to spreading the word about renewable energy to the masses.

Big businesses earn billions of pounds each year and it won’t be a problem for them to invest a little of that cash helping the environment. Setting an example is a technique that is greatly effective, people listen if people they deem above them profess knowledge and wisdom, it is just the way the human mind works.

Think of the Future

We have got to think ahead to the future, we are almost certainly the biggest contributor to global warming and that is something that can easily change. There are so many phony claims from governments about environmental action but in reality nobody cares because they don’t know and can’t quantify what their actions mean for themselves. Everyone is selfish and people won’t make cutbacks unless there is something in it for them

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Andrew is an author with a degree in economics from a top London University. Despite this, his passion has always been for writing and has been writing for over 10 years now

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