There are many advantages to going green, you’re helping to save the planet for one thing! But maybe you’re looking to start by saving yourself some money. Solar power is a great way to get your family started in saving energy and money, in fact you may have already started by using solar powered garden lights – that’s a great way to make a start, you no longer need as many lights on outside at night! But if you’re looking for some other ways to start saving with solar why not read on for more ideas….


Gaining from the Government

Did you know that the government is helping to fund a scheme that helps people switch over to solar? And not just residential, businesses too! They’re hoping that this incentive will cause more people to switch over to a greener form of energy – be it wind, heat pumps or solar. Bear in mind that besides the fact they will help you by putting money towards the installation of the solar panels, they will also pay you for any excess energy you supply to the grid. So not only do you save money, you also get paid to do it.

Sunshine at Night

Don’t worry about your lighting going dimmer in the evening or as the night wears on, solar power can be harnessed and stored in generators, in fact with enough solar panels not only can you make enough to supply some back to the grid, you can also go completely off grid yourself and store excess energy in a generator which can help to power the electrics in your house – not just your lights.


Investing in the Future

Though you may think its a bit pricey to install solar panels (for more on help with that you can check out this website ) its an investment that is sure to pay off in the long term. As oil and gas become more expensive you can be safe in the knowledge that sunshine is always free and even in the UK you’re going to be generating enough to supply yourself (whilst getting paid for it) as well as maybe even supplying the grid (and getting paid for that too). If you want a rough estimate of what you could be saving/making you may want to check out this ( ) link as it will help you to calculate how much sunshine you will get and how many panels you will be able to use.

With more and more people and businesses worried about their carbon footprint you’ll be able to breathe a sigh of relief and deduct a fair amount from yours (and any additional charges it may bring you) as Solar power can help cut over a tonne of carbon dioxide in a year. That is a pretty fair amount! So get going with solar and you’ll realise that you can save money and the planet!

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