When it comes time to get one’s car repaired the bill can sometimes come with a helping of sticker shock. For those who are getting their cars fixed in certain states though, the bill can be truly, shockingly high. However, if one takes a step back and looks the problem over, the reasons for the price become manifest fairly quickly.



The most expensive state for car repairs is one that many people will never visit in their lives. It confuses a lot of people that Wyoming, a remote state with a relatively small population, has such high prices on car repairs. It shouldn’t though. Wyoming is relatively isolated, which makes the cost of getting and stocking parts and professionals higher. Combined with the state’s harsh seasons and weather, repairs are constant, and expensive.


Utah is also an expensive place to have a car break down, and for many of the same reasons as Wyoming. The dust and roughness of the area, especially in places like Salt Lake City, can lead to car damages that need to be repaired post haste. Any time there’s a high demand, but parts and professionals are a little bit scarce, the price to get the job done is going to go up.


Often thought of as one of the more glamorous states in the union, California has on average the third highest car repair bills in the nation. Why is that? Well, the math is pretty simple actually. California has mountains, along with salty, ocean air. Since the average encompasses the whole state you have to take into consideration the toll caused by every kind of weather California has, in addition to all of the accidents that an arguably larger population gets into. Higher rates on average mean that more repairs have to be done on that same average.


While not quite as isolated as Wyoming is, Montana has some pretty harsh seasons just the same. It suffers from the same pattern that other states with high price tags do as well; scarcity of resources and skills combined with conditions that warrant a lot of vehicle repairs in any given season. While Montana lacks the salt air which can eat away at cars, it has more than enough to make up for it with frigid winters and large animals that are often caught crossing the road at inopportune times.


The last on the list for most expensive states to get car repairs in, Arizona might seem a little odd for the list. When one stops and looks at the conditions cars have to labor under though, it’s no surprise that there are problems. With long distances, high temperatures, dry air, dust and sand, it’s no wonder that cars in Arizona need to go in for a checkup fairly frequently. The same combinations that make repairs so expensive in other states are also present in Arizona as well. It’s a repeat of the formula, just in a different part of the country, leaving Arizona car repair bills standing at an average cost of roughly $362 for every, single repair visit.

This post was provided by Thomas J., professional blogger for Linear Automotive Repair. Thomas is an avid writer who lives in orlando, Florida. He is an avid sports fan and car enthusiast.

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