In the past recognized as Ceylon, the Sri Lanka is very small and independent nation positioned in the Southern East side of India, as well as has surprisingly difficult and different cultural mix amongst its resident population of more than 20 millions. The atmosphere is sunny there and it is enormous for Solar Power and Solar Power Plant.


A well-known solar service provider supplying the whole country is Jlanka Technologies, established in the year 2010. They provide whole range of Remote Solar Energy solutions for both residential as well as commercial clients; with having delivered more than 300, 0000 KW hours for electrical supply of country until now – a remarkable start.

Another important player for Solar Power in Sri Lanka is named Solar Life Technologies, contractor of green energy having more than 15 years experience in power trade as well as now developing platform for Remote Solar Energy and Solar Power Plant to provide solar way out to Sir Lankan market. Also they have complete product range on display within their show-room.

Sir Lanka is having great weather for Solar Power; however its capability for production of solar energy is less than its bigger neighbor country India.

India is an enormous nation as well as is separated into many States just like USA in many ways. All of them have local government, creating regulations and policy for good of domestic residents whereas maintaining federal policy according to central government of the respective country. Policies of Solar energy have become more general throughout India that already has sturdy wind as well as hydro-electronic production placed. Having sunny climate, this is quite normal that solar energy might be next massive focus for substitute energy sources in the country.

With huge population of more than 1 billion– as well as many live within metro cities also there is huge rural population having limited sources, and a predictable half a million that are not having any supply of electricity. SunEdison – the subordinate of MEMC Electronics as well as leading Indian solar contractor– launched program named “Eradication of Darkness” last year. It is the program for solar energy with installation as well as management for smaller power plants which will offer electricity to the remote villages. Since you can imagine, it is transforming lives of residents there, offering opportunities for developing their domestic economies in the ways which they might only dream for some years ago. The SunEdison has done a good job for sure.

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