Ireland and UK are showing significant increase in the recycling from all the EU member countries. Both these countries are showing spectacular increase in the recycling rates throughout the initial 10 years in new millennium, as per new report of the EEA (European Environment Agency). In spite of getting off for bad beginning with merely 13% of the household wastage recycled in the year 2001, UK now lives nearer to top of European charts with 43% during the year 2013.


Experts state that it situates us on the form of reaching EEA directive to 50% of reprocess of all the waste by year 2017, around three years prior to schedule. The Wales is well ahead with reprocessing 54% of the household wastage as well as already exceeding European command by 4%.

In the year 2010, from all the EU member countries, Austria had continued to grasp top place with 62.8% whereas Germany (with 61.8%) taken second place from Belgium (with 57.6%). In the meantime Turkey, Romania, and Bulgaria had continued to suffer around 1% mark, having latter recording reprocessing rate of 0%.

Recycling preserves valuable resources as well as may significantly reduce release of the greenhouse gases through municipal waste. Among year 2001 as well as year 2010, a change in way waste has managed and prevented around 38 million tons CO2 from coming in atmosphere in UK, Norway, and Switzerland.

As said in the report, extensive improvements in rates recycling are because of improvements in the infrastructure as well as procedure, emerging trends within using the recycled materials. The progress has been lesser in reprocess organic wastage however UK is continuously sending enormous amounts of important resources for landfill – a clear indication for house composting in case you have ever heard about it.

As per the figures released by EEA, the Ireland and UK had fastest raise in household reprocess rates within Europe between the years 2001 to 2010. Throughout this period UK has increased its public waste reprocess rate from around 12% to about 39%, having Ireland increasing at 36% from 11%. In spite of this, still there is much can be done in UK as well as across EU.

In the last decade, total wastage amount generated by an average EU resident fallen by 3.6%, even though this decrease was more impressive within UK, having average house holding producing 12% less. On the other hand, it is uncertain if the results are because of shift in the performance or in case they owe a lot to the fallen in customer consumption during economic recession.

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