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Industries today invest in recycling materials as well. Due to the alarming news on environmental calamities happening, different manufacturing companies also make time to check machines that help reuse materials. This investment not only helps save the world but also is a cost-effective move. Through recycling made through baling machines, companies and even families can save more money. Moreover, creativity and resourcefulness are executed by people. Good thing, there are recycling machines made for these purposes. Among these machines is the scrap baling machine. One of the best manufacturers of all types of scrap processing machines in India ,we would like to recommend you the Advance Hydrau-Tech Pvt Ltd under the Subha Group Company. Since 1978, Adance Hydrautech has been sold out more than 4500 machines across the globe and also has received Star Award for commitment to quality and leadership in Geneva.


Why Recycle?


Every individual is taught on the importance of recycling. It is a process wherein you can reuse a material to conserve the resources. Nowadays, more and more companies and even private individuals jump to many means in order to conserve that nature and nurture the environment. This is caused by the consecutive news that hunt mankind when it comes to dreadful tragedies brought about by the angry nature.


Recycling Equipment


Different industries use baler or scrap baling machine. For instance, it is used in car manufacturing companies that need sheet metals. Also, non-industrial companies such as agricultural fields use balers. Scrap baling machine can be found in the farm. It is used as a farm equipment that is sole responsible for making hays. This is used as a fodder or feed for cattle and other livestock. You can say that it is also a form of recycling. More so, you can also see bale used as a paper shredder and garden shredder. Paper shredders are used in corporate offices or other institutions that carry and impose utter security on a myriad of information.


There are few companies which are very well known for the manufacture of the scrap baling machine and offering the best quality product at a reasonable price. Various types of scrap baling machine is available in the market depending on the type of product to be baled.


Here we are mentioning few of the popular types of scrap baling machine which are available in the market:


1)      Continuous Baler – Fully PLC Controlled continuous baler with touch screen operation. Can bale 50-80 Kgs (MS) & 15-30 Kgs (Aluminium).



2)      Triple Compression Jumbo – Operate with Auto Cycle PLC Controlled Thru

Push Button. Can bale 60-120 Kgs (MS) & 25-50Kgs (Aluminium).


3)      Triple Compression Jumbo Ex. Operate with Auto Cycle PLC Controlled Thru Push Button. Can bale 70-100 Kgs (MS) & 25-35Kgs (Aluminium).


4)      Triple Compression Super – Operate with Auto Cycle PLC Controlled Thru Push Button. Can bale 50-80 Kgs (MS) & 20-30Kgs (Aluminium).


5)      Triple Compression Jumbo Plus – Operate with Auto Cycle PLC Controlled Thru Push Button. Can bale 150-250 Kgs.


6)      Triple Compression Jumbo High Density – Operate with Auto Cycle PLC Controlled Thru Push Button. Can bale 60-120 Kgs (MS) & 25-40 Kgs(Aluminium).


7)      Double Compression Auto Door (EXPORT) (AH-006) –  Auto Front Door System and can bale 40-60 Kgs (MS) & 15-25 Kgs (Aluminium)


8)      Double Compression Manual Door (AH-005) – Manual Front Door System and can bale 30-50 Kgs (MS)


About the Author : Khaidem Rajit – social media analyst and content writer  for Advance Hydrau-Tech Pvt. Ltd.  The company is well-known for maunfacturing all types of  Scrap Processing Machines such as Baling Machines, Metal Shredders, Shearing Machines, Paper Baler , Briquetting Machines, Fodder Block Making Machines etc.He can be found on Twitter here

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