Sony Xperia Z is premium Smartphone device that offers powerful functionality with great performance, to provide the ultimate mobile experience. Another major USP of the device is that it is totally waterproof, which makes it truly unique, among all the other top range Andriod Smart phones available in the market. And now, with the device all set to get a new firmware update, it is surely going to march right ahead of competition with several new and enhanced features, which Smartphone users are surly going to love.



Sony Xperia Z Ultra, which has become the flagship Andriod device for the electronics giant, has recently got better with its new firmware update, which provides several improvements. The most important of these improvements is obviously the X-Reality engine, which enhances the quality of the pictures and videos in a significant manner. This feature is capable of adapting to the sharpness, contrast and saturation levels of the pictures and videos besides enhancing their playback quality to ensure a much better viewing experience.


It is said that the new update is capable of offering various other benefits, which include enhancing overall performance of the device as well as providing a better greater battery life. In addition, the users can open multiple small apps simultaneously besides which it also provides a refreshed design for the messenger and e-mail apps. The firmware also adds apps such as clock and calculator to the device and enhances the appearance of the camera with the superior auto mode. The users can also enjoy the feature of one-hand text input besides the all new white-grey background for the UI.


The firmware update, which measures around 770 MB, can be downloaded with the help of the PC Companion suite offered by Sony and was announced in the last week of August. It has been one of the most eagerly awaited updates by mobile users and although it is being released in stages across the globe in fact has already been downloaded by several users, who do not want to wait for the update to be released in their region. As it is, the Xperia Z Ultra is already considered to be a class apart from all the Smartphones in this category. The enhancements brought about by the firmware update are surely intended to make it the best Andriod phone in the market that is not only great to use but equally good to flaunt.


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