Seems like Mercedes -Benz is taking the concept of “I love my car” too seriously. The automobile company has recently announced that it is willing to test the innovative new Google Glass, which enables car owners to keep track of their vehicle even when they are not driving it. Using the innovative technology of “Door-to-Door Navigation”, Mercedes Benz, in collaboration with Google plans to use Google Glass to make the turn-by turn navigation of vehicles a reality.

Mercedes +Google Glass


The Google Glass, which uses the Google Maps application, is already being used by small group of people to get directions for a specific destination. Now the company is planning to use the same concept for helping people keep a watch on their car, especially when they are not inside it.


Currently the automobile giant has starting working on the prototype of this innovative technology and Google is extending all support to make the project a success. However, there are various compatibility issues to overcome before the navigation system is practically implemented. But, given the current advances in technology, it can b easily said that these obstacles will be removed soon and there will soon be a time when cars can be commanded remotely.


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