MQ Power-Ultra Silent series

An ultra silent generator which results from more efficient technology and more productive manufacturing practices, MQ Power Ultra Silent generators are industrial grade generators.

The power output ranges from 22KW to 28 KW. It use Newage Stamford brushless alternator also has a sensor which automatically adjust the voltage so that the voltage variation is less than 3% throughout the entire power range.

Main feature include auto-start /stop controls, Weather and sound proof enclosures,  mounted critical type silencers with a flexible connector,  automatic transfer switch monitors etc.

Internal equipments include mounted platform42 gallon base tank, flexible fuel lines, oil drain cock,digital control panel.

These engines are quite economical with a fuel consumption of just 0.72 gallons at ½ load and can run for  a massive 58 hours on a full tank. As the name implies, the quietness level is just 56 decibel at 7 metres. It is  77” long X 31” wide X 50” high and weight only 1840 lbs.

Because of its quietness and reliability, it is mostly used in construction, entertainment, emergency backup and military applications. These generators comes with 12 months warranty.

MQ Power-Ultra Silent series model DCA25USI2C are first-class line of generators fit for every application.

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