Hydraulic Cutting Machines are fabrication tools known for  precise cutting of  all kinds of materials such as plate, square bar, angle, round bar, channel and so on. In terms of  safety, function, capability and maintenance, It is incomparable to any fabrication tools.

It is provided with large and strong guarding for maximum safety.  It is also equipped with pressure and block device Simple and easily adjustable hold down device fix the plates for accurate cutting. This  hold down device also have a squaring arm and scale laid on it. The angle shear has the ability to cut angle at 45°both top and bottom leg. This gives the operator the ability to make a picture frame corner for perfect welds.

The anti-distorted cutting blades are diamond shaped in order to reduce  deformity and material lost while cutting. The blades comes in 8 grades ranging from 400mm to 1800 mm.

Hydraulic metal shears are used in recycling companies, automobile dismantling plants, smelting and casting industry.

The Hydraulic Cutting Machines are energy efficient and had passed CE,ISO,CQC,SGS norms.

With special features like Laser position for cutting, Automatic holding device and Temperature cooling system, these machines are highly efficient and are much quieter.


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