10HP Mixer

These compact sized, low maintenance concrete mixer are highly powerful. These are high technology engineered machines used for mixing and carrying mortar in construction sites.

The usabilities of these machine are immense, and are popularly used in construction of canals, bridges, highways, dams, multi storied & industrial buildings, factories and for all ready mixed concrete work

These powerful mixer runs on pneumatic wheels. The dimension is 2800mm x1250mm x1800mm and weights only 950kg. The mixing drum is made of 3.15 mm steel sheet and is fitted with high grade bearings. The wide heavy duty chassis is made of robust steel. These 10HP air cooled, diesel engine is set on anti-vibration pads resulting in silent operation. With loading capacity of 560L, the productivity is about 10-14m3/h.

It can easily mix any aggregates, sand, stone, cement upto the maximum size of 60mm. The speed of the mixing drum is 14 rpm and its ascent and decent is controlled by hydraulic pump.

Leading manufacturer and supplier of 10HP Mixer are Cemen Tech, Taurus, Macons, Acme Construction and Cosmos.

These machines are quite easy to handle as it just need  electrical power supply, water piping and the aggregate or sand feeding. The mixing drum can rotate or can be reverse at a push of a button.

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